Dawne has always been a consciously aware person and

at times this level of knowing was very painful for her. So, she found herself consciously shutting down as a form of self-preservation.

It wasn’t until she had her son that she began to re-awaken. Confronting her self-preservation and yet wanting to create a new reality was confusing and left her not knowing where to begin. Despite this, she found the courage to live her life in a more loving and positive way. The more persistent she became at not fitting into the social construct, the easier her journey became, and the more she received the support and resources she needed. Through heartache, like losing her mother and grandmothers in her 20s, to moments of pure happiness, Dawne has always found compassion and grace.

Her 25+ years professional experience in business, has allowed Dawne opportunities to be a change agent for creating harmonious, engaged and productive work environments. Whether she was working with large or mid-size organizations, she has always supported and guided others to create positive and healthy relationships where conflict prevailed. Dawne has worked closely with leaders and all levels of management in administration, government, operations, human resources, customer service, labour and employee relations. 

Her keen sense of people and business skills has helped managers and leaders learn how to become keen observers, build healthy relationships, and achieve the results they desire. Whether Dawne was working with large groups, teams or individuals, she has always motivated people to strive for their personal best.  

Today, Dawne works with individuals, groups and organizations that want to create positive, productive and healthy change in the world. Through her speaking and workshops, Dawne inspires, ignites and involves others to become the change they wish to see in the world.

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