"I believe you are here to save someone who will save the world."

-Dawne Warner

Inspiring the Awakening

With a loving spirit and benevolent heart, Dawne’s mission is to be a beacon of light to others. From the time she was young, she always wanted to bring joy into to the world by inspiring people to awaken – all so people can see their inner light, even when they don’t believe it exists.


A Speaker and A Storyteller

An accomplished awake leader, Dawne’s inspirational keynotes leave an audience feeling motivated, accepted and enlightened. From emotional intelligence to self-compassion, Dawne inspires others to be open and curious, ignited to shift their journey and involved to share their gifts with the world.


A New Kind of Gathering

Dawne’s intimate workshops bring together a group of individuals who share the desire to open themselves up to a better understanding of self. Individuals leave feeling inspired to serve, ignited to do and involved in the world to lead with compassion and acceptance.


Dawne was a catalyst to help me to focus on what I needed and what I could do, and as a result I was able to change careers smoothly and with ease. I started in my new position in the middle of January and now I have a sure income each month.


Dawne has an uncanny ability to help re-examine negative events in our lives with a new perception that allows a different, more positive view, with a path towards healing and learning from them. She brings an all-encompassing approach that honours body, mind and soul and understands that we are divine energetic beings having a somewhat confusing earthly experience. You will never hear her claim to heal or fix anyone, instead she will empower you to become the catalyst for the changes you want to see in your life.


I have always known Dawne to be reliable, dedicated, trustworthy, knowledgeable, punctual and personable. Her ability to connect with our older workers is admirable. She has the ability to make any workshop fun for the participants, as I am constantly hearing roars of laughter. The feedback received by the participants is nothing but positive and Dawne has always used the feedback in a constructive manner-making any changes necessary to make her workshops even better.


"Dawne has the ability to help you search and find the “answers” that lie within yourself.  She makes you feel so comfortable as if you have known her for years.Dawne has an amazing talent and I would refer her to everyone."


"I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and the last few years of my life have been filled with the stresses of finding a new career path, a relationship ending and some family troubles. This has kept my Anxiety levels abnormally high. After just a few sessions I was well on my way to controlling my anxiety and feeling much more confidant in my ability to handle the stresses of the world.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their quality of life, well-being and anyone on the journey to finding themselves."


"I would recommend Dawne to anyone, the sense of peace and clarity you feel afterwards in incomparable. Dawne is knowledgeable and welcomes questions about her practice. She guides you through the process with complete support and is always available for guidance. She has an incredible calm energy that is infectious and her positive attitude inspires me to achieve the same outlook in my own life. She is warm and friendly, even on the first meeting you feel like you have known her for years.”


"You helped me explore the feeling I was having of “being lost” in my career and become more understanding of myself and what it was I was expecting of myself.  Together we identified what I needed, a specific timeline to achieve the results and you assisted me with the tools needed to meet those expectations.  With your guidance, within weeks of the spoken goal we identified, I accepted a new career opportunity and opened myself up to new and exciting challenges!"

Humanity awaits your gifts.
What are your gifts and do you have the courage to let them shine? Dawne invites you to share them. After working directly with Dawne, sharing your gifts becomes part of your daily practice of purpose
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