Inspiring Others to Awaken to Their Gifts

Dawne’s keynotes and speaking presentations are all about inspiring compassion for those who are called to serve. With a blend of teaching and love, Dawne calls on others to use their gifts and talents for greater humanity.


Step Into Your Deserving Mandate

In this keynote, Dawne gives a blend of practical and spiritual advice for uncovering your own hidden power – the gifts that uniquely belong to you, and you alone. Once she has paved a path for you to discover those gifts, she then inspires you to use them. Dawne also brings in her own stories of weathering corporate structures and other hardships. You will be left feeling clear, driven and spiritually sound in your pursuit toward greatness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire Dawne as a speaker?
Dawne has a unique ability to connect and inspire her audience. While delivering a powerful compassionate message, she will share how to regain personal power by accepting responsibility for current reality. Dawne will ignite a flame of hope in her audience by showing them how to see themselves and others in a new way. She leaves her audience with the gift and tools to begin a new journey that can be filled with compassion, opportunity and hope.
Why did Dawne choose to do speaking events?
Dawne wants to create positive lasting change and wants people to know that they matter, and that the world needs their gifts. In a world so divided and in despair, she wants people to know that they can heal, grow and create a more loving, joyful, compassionate and accepting world. She believes that we need to accept and embrace the beauty in all. Dawne leaves her audience with a shift in awareness and creates a new beginning for everyone she meets.
What are Dawne’s Fees?
Dawne is open to customizing her presentation, so her fee structure will vary. She is passionate to share her message and support organizations that want to create positive change in the world, so she will work with you to ensure she creates a product that fits your need and budget. Let’s start the conversation.
What size of groups does Dawne speak to?
Dawne is passionate about connecting with others. So, if your event is small and intimate, or large and energetic, Dawne would be thrilled to be a part of it!
Can Dawne customize the speaking topic to our group?
Absolutely! Dawne would be happy to discuss your goals and offer a customized speaking event that would benefit your group specifically. She also has a series of speaking topics that she can provide upon request.
Does Dawne Travel to Speak?
Absolutely! To ensure her travel fees are in alignment with your organization, Dawne will travel in accordance with your organization’s travel practice.
Does Dawne speak on Personal Development Topics?
Absolutely! Dawne encourages her audience to approach life with an open and curious heart and mind. By motivating them to really connect and examine their present reality, she inspires them to ask themselves “How can I become the change I want to see in the world?” Ultimately, she leaves everyone ignited and empowered to live a more compassionate and authentic life!
Does Dawne speak on Business Relationship Topics?
Absolutely! With over 25 years in Business and as an entrepreneur, Dawne shares stories and messages that provide valuable and strategic insight into how easy it can be to create healthy, engaged and productive teams within any organization. Dawne leaves her audience with key tools that show leaders and teams how to communicate and develop common purpose. She will inspire and challenge them to recognize how working together will allow them to all achieve their personal greatness.
Does Dawne speak on “Spirituality”?
Absolutely! Journey to Active Compassion is her core message, “I believe you are here to save someone who will save the world”. Dawne wants everyone to know they matter! By connecting on a soul to soul level, Dawne helps her audience find the courage and inspiration to take the steps forward to creating a positive reality. She gifts everyone with the opportunity to live a more authentic life by helping them remember where they left their key to their heart.
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