Time to Devote to You

In Dawne’s workshops, you will work to find ways to be more authentic, stir up awareness of yourself and your surroundings, and fully understand yourself in a conscious way.


Heighten Your Self-Awareness

Before you can embrace your gifts, you must learn to be self-aware. Dawne brings you to this understanding by helping you to become your own best friend. You will learn to consciously stop self-judgment, identify and emerge from the cycles that hold you down and to fully love yourself.


Step Into Your Natural Gifts

Next, Dawne will teach you how to use self-compassion to be more open and more curious. You will step into what you believe, and learn to eliminate your limiting beliefs.


Express Yourself Through Actions

Lastly, Dawne will teach you to how to act in a way that is true to yourself. You will learn to set boundaries, ask for what you want and teach others how you want to be treated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dawne travel to speak or present workshops?
Absolutely! To ensure fees are in alignment with your organization, Dawne will travel in accordance with your organization’s employee travel practice.
Can your workshops be offered on a one-on-one basis?
Absolutely! Not everyone is ready to be vulnerable and share personal details in a group setting. Please contact Dawne to discuss one-on-one sessions.
How do I know if my organization will be a fit for Dawne’s message?
If you and or your organization are ready to BE the Change you wish to see in the world, then we are a perfect match for one another!
What are Dawne’s fees?
Dawne is open to customizing workshops and presentations, so her fee structure will vary. Her passion is sharing her message with anyone who is ready to listen, learn and engage, so she is open to working with you to create a product that will fit your need and your budget. Let’s chat!
Will Dawne customize her workshops to my audience?
Absolutely! While presenting on the Journey to Active Compassion is her core message, Dawne is very diverse and has always had success relating to diverse audiences. After 25+ years in human resources, management, operations and as an entrepreneur, her passion is to bring Active Compassion to any organizational environment that is ready to take this step. She is very adept at weaving this theme into a variety of workshops and presentations.
What kind of energy does Dawne bring when she presents or conducts workshops?
Dawne has been described by clients and attendees as: Warm, compassionate, approachable, authentic, engaging, passionate, honest, positive, uplifting, enthusiastic, inspiring, forward thinking, safe, nurturing, supportive, empathetic, harmonious, direct with a natural ‘quirky’ sense of humor.
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